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Innovative Ethernet Transformer / Module Type


產品適用於10/100M BASE-T及1000M BASE-T,進而研擬出超高速網路訊號2.5G及5G甚至到10G的網路應用,
並且針對乙太網路供電設備POE & POE+ & POE++ 等可供電產品亦能提供對應解決方案。

TAI-TECH provides better characteristics consistency for the products by using new automatic production equipment.
The product is suitable for 10/100M BASE-T and 1000M BASE-T, and then developed ultra-high-speed network signals
2.5G and 5G or even 10G network applications, and for the Ethernet power supply equipment POE & POE+ & POE++, 

which can also provide corresponding solutions.


  1. 全自動化生產製程,能提供快速交貨及成本優化之服務。
  2. 透過新型化郵票孔設計,避免傳統網路變壓器PIN腳不平整及空焊等問題。
  3. 透過內部產品SMT封裝,避免傳統網路變壓器封膠後所產生的應力問題,增加產品特性的穩定性。
  4. 更能進一步提供分離式方案,讓客戶線路設計及空間利用更有彈性。

Product Feature
  1. By the process of automated production, we can minimized the lead time and optimize products cost.
  2. Stamp holes applied to PCB connection, it avoids poor soldering happened in traditional LAN transformer design.
  3. Components mount by SMT process to replace epoxy molded using in traditional LAN transformer, which causes electrical performance change by stress.
  4. A separate solution can also be further provided to increase the space utilization for initial PCB layout design.